yak paddle

Being new to yak’n, I’m @6’ 3" w/Pelican Break DLX.

It’s a sit in model, but my legs/feet git a tad conjested at the nose. If I cross legs w/knees sticking up out the hull a paddle may be auckward to use. If I stretch me legs out front on top the nose that may get uncomfortable. I think I’ll need a paddle total length @6-8’. Any suggestions short of small elec motor or altitude reduction surgery? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not sure i understand the bit about your leg positioning, but for your height and what i’m guessing is the width of your kayak, i’d probably say you’re in the 230 cm size range for recreational paddles. (Manufacturers go with cm measurements instead of feet or inches, and generally make them in 10cm increments)You could buy a paddle with an adjustable length shaft and play around with different sizes with your different knee/leg positions.

The boat is only 8 ft long. At 6’3" it is likely that there is less boat forward (you mean the bow) than there is of you. Especially if you have proportionately long legs or big feet.

I am not sure how you chose this boat to start with, unless it was the very low price, but I’d suggest you would be best off finding a home for it and looking for something in which you can sit comfortably. That may be a better long term solution than finding a paddle long enough to get around your knees.