Yakama landing pad question ?

Has anyone here installed a Yakama Landing Pad number eight on the cab roof of a 2013 or 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 pick up?

Yakama has already told me that the space required is no more than 2 cm, but I don’t know what the space is between the metal roof and roof liner.

Jack L

Landing pads

I’ve mounted landing pads on several vehicles using the Pluznuts. There has always been room between the roof metal and the headliner. When the anchor goes thru the hole it might push down the headliner a bit, but once you tighten it up and it expands, it becomes shorter. Just don’t let the drill bit get into the headliner. It winds the fabric around the bit and makes a mess. Set your drill stop really shallow, just enough to get thru the roof.


Thanks bill
Hopefully, I’ll hear back from Dodge within a few days.

I would like to get this new truck properly outfitted prior to the Suwannee river race, but I doubt if the new cap I ordered will be here in time.

I’ll probably end up using my Ford F-150.

We are hauling our travel trailer down and plan on staying for four or five days and doing a three day camping trip down the river.

Jack L