Yakama trailer- slight glow in taillight

I have a Yakima Rack and Roll boat trailer bought used a year ago. I now notice that there is a slight glow in taillights when it is attached and plugged in. I assume this is not correct, as it would drain battery if left that way for long time. Any idea as to what is wrong with connections?

Not right
First, be sure that there are no lights turned on on your towing vehicle. Be sure you’re not just seeing sun reflection from the lens. If your vehicle has driving lights it’s possible you are hooked into that circuit, but no, there should be no power whatsoever to the trailer tail lights unless the vehicle lights are also on.

in addition
To what Magooch stated. Possible short or pinched wire in your harness.

Yakima Trailer lights issue
Took the trailer to a trailer vendor for trouble shooting/repair. Will post outcome

vehicle system

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maybe a unit system tolerating no ( not publically) added hookups ...

exceptin' the trailer hookup

so go to Google Images n search for example

Ford 2008 E250 trailer wiring diagram

in the Ford, mine, Ford supplies* a connector linking into the unit's 'brake controller' ....the brake controller for larger trailers.

However, in that 'controller/connector' shunt there is wiring for trailer links at turn and brake lights use age without a brake controller activation.

seek that area out n check with multimeter for voltage flow when lights are off at the panel switch.

*the connector was extra despite buying a class 4 hitch

in boaty areas these connectors are seen at Walmart


look for R79

search terms are critical ie need to know to get there

Ford in google search see

‘econoline’ pdf in page


I would go to the ground connection tween trailer n vehicle see if this is correct and durable: not corroded.

update Yakima Rack and Roll
Trailer checked out OK. Connection plug on car was somewhat corroded but that isn’t the main problem as some current still showed when car was shut off. Having the wiring control module replaced today.

Hope this solves the problem as I hope to use the trailer for a multi state trip later in the week.

Will update


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Connects to the controller plug as drawn in the Subaru diagram ...in a late model.

Find the connector, clean it with CRC Electronics Cleaner n track the wires for

2nd thought is maybe that is standard ?

Check wiring with a multi meter by extending the +/- with 18 GA wire n alligator clips from dash connector to trailer. Utility knife razor of insulation n attach gator...use gators with screws. 3M the bare spot after wiping with CHOH.

Supplies at Wal

Speaking of controllers
One person I know paid over $100 to have a controller installed on his vehicle and was told that that was a good deal, because the control module alone cost $60. That is a flat out ripoff. I’ve installed two and both of those modules cost a whopping $9.95. It’s about a half hour job. I’m not saying you can’t find a lot more expensive control module, but shop around. My $9.95 special has been working fine for 10 years.

Yakima Rack and Roll lights issue

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The module was replaced in about an hour (I was standing there watching and learning). Cost was $65 for part and labor, which was acceptable to me. I'm going on a 5 state trip and don't want to be part way going or returning and have light system fail.

Usually I look for less expensive solutions but my brain insisted on least possibility of failure during this longer trip. Staying near to home and I would have tried some of the solutions offered. Thank you everyone for the good suggestions, even though I chickened out and paid a trailer center.