Thought about yakclips for the kayak to hold the paddle out of the way while fishing. Anyone use these?


I have a perception 10. It has a bunge type holder for the paddle built in to the side of the kayak. Use it a lot when I’m fishing. Use an adjustable length single end paddle for easing around. If the clip holds well to the yak I think you will be pleased.

If they are hard plastic, clips tend to
break. The bungee paddle holders are best. There’s also a hard rubber clip that works great, but you have to use screws or rivets to hold them.

I bought 2 to use on my fishing canoe to hold a 280 cm kayak paddle. They fit the gunwhale and paddle perfect. Very handy and easy to snap in and out.

hi …i have one for my kayak …very easy to lose …i’ve lost and found mine a few times now …they work but interfer with cockpit cover if you use a skirt or traveling cover over cockpit…so u have to remove them…thats when they get " misplaced". right now . mine are MIA ! don’t know where they are.

Use your lap.
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I got one for my Heritage Featherlite.

I’m very happy with it.Paddle snaps in and out with a secure feel. I remove it and put it in my rucksack at the end of each trip. It also has a poleholder on it.

home made

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We make our own up here at our kayak shop. We use two cleats riveted on the outside of the gunnel so they support the paddle shaft. About 14 inches apart. Then we put a hook on the inside. We then put a piece of 1/4 inch bungie in both cleats and double knot the end. Simply lash the paddle on top of the cleats and pull the bungie over the shaft and into the hook. Costa about $8 to make up.


I did that too. But it’s a 2-handed
move, which is not always easy when also grabbing a rod with a fish on at the same time. For just a paddle holder, your version works best, but for fish trolling, when wants to hangup his rod quickly while setting a hook or holding onto a rod, I’d say those clips look better. I don’t have any, but I haven’t been fishing much lately either.


Bunch of paddle clips

I like either the bungee style or the rubber ones. The rubber clips are rugged, but require making a hole in the boat. I’ve yet to see a clip made of nylon or plastic that doesn’t break off.

Using them for a week
I am happy with their ease of use and how they actually helped keep the paddle handy, but out of the way.

They just aren’t strong enough to hold my paddle in place. If the paddle is not snapped in perfectly in the center the weight variance one way or the other causes it to snap off.