one of my grandchildren gave me a pair of “yakgrips” - they’re made of a wet suit type material, and are designed to slide very tightly on the shaft of a paddle for hand grips - says they reduce fatigue and stress on hands and tendons - i suspect once they’re on, they would have to be cut off - - anyone familiar with them ???

I have them
and they will come off if you want to take your time getting them off. They are nice on cold days early in the year.

A sweet gift but
being an emerging sea kayaker I sometimes grip my paddle off center to compensate for weathercocking, or switch to a narrower or wider grip from time to time. In the winter when I am wearing gloves I cannot afford a wider shaft.

So, for me, no yakgrips.

some folks like 'em though; so they are yours to experiment with.

I tell my paddling related gift givers to just get me another years membership to p.net or shop there to get me a paddling video or… Gear (like spouses) is real personal and only you will know what works for you. Have fun with the grandkids, and finding out what works.

I’ve used them
They work ok, I have small hands so the grip is a bit large, but they are nice and comfy. I have removed them by sliding them off without too much difficulty.

A Question about Yakgrips

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For a while, I have been thinking in getting some kind of grips for my wing paddle, but I haven't found anything I like for that purpose. The Yakgrips might be a solution.

Anyway, my wing paddle has installed the length-lock system from Epic, so one of the ends is wider than the shaft.
Doing some kind of presure, is it possible to put the yakgips throughout the length-lock?
Is there many different kinds of yakgrips for different kinds of paddle shaft? (some are winder than other...)

This is a picture of the length-lock:

Thanks in Advance,

i doubt it -
the set i got requires you to wet both the grip and the shaft to slide on - unless they make one with velcro, i doubt that they’d fit

Yak Grips
My wife and I first used them when we rented in the Chesapeake last summer. Later I purchased them for both of us. Wife likes them because they offer protection against blisters, I like them because they allow for longer paddles when the weather turns chilly. I have suggested them to members of our local club.


Thanks anyway