Yakima cross bar spacing on a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Ok just bought a 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Bought Yakima landing pads #18 They say in the kit max. spacing on Jeep is 32" between the bars. It doesn’t come in for another week plus.

How long of a kayak does anyone put on bars with 32" spacing?:weary:

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The Yakima bars on my Bolt are only 28" spacing and have no problems with my 17 foot boat.

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Thanks I always tie front and rear. I have three at 18’-8" Extremes, one at 15’-4" Journey, one at 17’-4" Solstice, one 100 lb. @ 22’. Libra XT

The length of the boat I am paddling, generally sea kayaks.

With so many cars going to flush rails the day of controlling spread is mostly gone except for racks over the bed of a truck. Before that was the Hullivator, and at 5’4" in shoes there is only so far I can set the spread and still be able to grab both releases at the same time.

32" is not at all the worst distance out there.

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My Ford Excursion can go to 64" spacing lengthwise Libra XT 21’-8" is decent but I still put a foam block under the front near the windshield. I strap it to the kayak but it presses on the roof. See if I can do the same on the on the Jeep.


32" wouldn’t bother me. That’s pretty close to the spacing on my current ride and it works fine for my ~17’ boats.

My rack on the Subaru Outback has two positions. The “switch blade” position is 32". The expanded position is 40". I carry 17ft Sea kayaks on the 40" but did on the 32".

If you put bow and stern lines on it takes out all the wiggle problems. Be sure to add cradles. Cradles take the wiggles out too.

My old Gran Cherokee max is 48"
Gotta love the old ones… :sunglasses:

I have Yakima racks and saddles ón my Excursion which I’ll put on the Jeep

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Good looking set-up, PaddleDog. My spacing is around 32" and I did ~340 miles on Saturday.

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Using Yakima skyline towers & core bars, I was able to achieve a 33” center to center spread on our 2017 body style Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2)—which is the same variant as your 2020.

I would think that you need not be concerned w/ loading TOO LONG of a boat atop your WK2 & it’s max cross bar spread … Cruising the threads here you’ll come across numerous examples of yaks—that are longer than the vehicles themselves—w/ spreads equal to or lesser than—being safely & effectively transported.

Thanks I just want to see a 22’ 100 lb boat up there.