Yakima DryDock

So, anyone tried a Yakima Drydock yet? If so, care to share any thoughts & opinions? How is the stability?

I used to carry 2 16ft kayaks on top of Toyota Paseo. The front (bow bulkhead ) was supported by regular crossbar, stern was carried by hitch mounted dry dock.

I only could get smaller hitch receiver, that necessitated use of 1.5 => 2 inch adapter, which in turn made the whole setup a bit wobbly. A friend recommended using anti sway bolts on the receivers, but I never got around to doing it.

DryDock came with two straps to stabilize T in the receiver, I did not find them adequate for the job. I was thinking about using ratcheting straps, but the car had to move on … :frowning:

Anyways, I still have DryDock, could possibly list here at p-net.

Dry Dock
I have one on my ‘06 Escape. The stability is fine. The bolt that pins it to the hitch is threaded so it pulls it tight to the hitch & takes any wobble out. I recently transported two 16’ solo canoes 3200 miles from Indy to Moab Utah & back at 75+ mph with no problems & I didn’t even use the stabilizing straps. Works fine with only one boat up top too. I like the setup because it lengthens the span between the crossbars from 4’ to 6 1/2’ & makes the boats ride a whole lot steadier.