Yakima EZ Loader?

Whatever happened to this product? Yakima bought the patent from Talon, announced that they were updating and improving the product, and now there is not even a mention on their website. What gives?


I’ll ask the rep on Saturday
At the Jersey Paddler Show


Thanks Andy
I have suggested to a friend that she look into one. She already has Yak Hully Rollers and saddles, but lifting a polu sea kayak to the roof of a van is very difficult for her solo. I suppose that a Hullivator could be made to work though.


morphing this into hullavator question
they say a 40 inch drop, what do you have to pull to get it to go up or down, one thing or two, at the same time or not?

reason i ask, i’ve got an RV setup for removing the yaks off the rear and it works, but one time i couldnt easily remove off the rear and thought a side dismount would be nice.

What is your take on the Talon ?
I won one in the drawing at the Bogey and Bacall race and it is still in the carton in the back of my truck.

They also gave me two fit kits. One for Yakama and one for Thule bars.


I have only seen pics
on teh old Talon website and some info on the Yakima site, which is now deleted.

The system apparently worked well enough for Yakima to buy the rights and patents, but their R&D folks wanted to tweak the design a bit. That was over a year ago. My guess is that there is a lot of assembly and adjustment required, but that is simply conjecture on my part.