Yakima fairing VS WindJammer

I have a Yakima brand wind fairing that attaches to the front bars on one of my racks. I've been changing it back and forth between my two pickups but am getting tired of having to do that. I was thinking about getting another wind fairing but I noticed that Yakima makes something called a "WindJammer" and it's supposed to do the same thing but is less intrusive and cheaper.

Can anyone tell me if the "WindJammer" is as effective as the fairing for reducing wind noise coming off the front bars?


I have used the Windjammers.
They are just snap-on teardrop cross-section things that suppress the air resonances that cause howling or moaning noises. Probably they reduce air resistance, but not by much. Usually just two of them are enough to suppress rack noise.

However, after adding Yakima fairings to both cars, I find additional benefit in that the front air bag in my canoe does not vibrate violently. This means I do not have to keep the bag blown up tight. Probably will extend the life of the bag.

So, I think the Windjammers are a good buy, but some may find additional benefits from the pricier fairings.

Thanks, I got another fairing.