yakima fairing?

I just bought a second hand Yakima Rack, and I was wondering if using the Fairing is a good idea?

I will be using it to carry my canoe, and it just seems that using a fairing would push more air up under the canoe, but now that I think about it I guess that the car itself already does that to some degree. Anyone have reasons for, or against?

I was also wondering if anyone knew where to buy end caps, and Q tower replacement pads.

I took mine off once…
I was installing a set of Mako Saddles on the bar, and the attachment arms of the fairing were in the same place I wanted to mount the saddles, so I took the fairing off.

Big mistake!! The wind noise increased about 400%. It also felt like there was more wind resistance when traveling at higher speeds, although it may have been in my mind from all the wind noise.

You’ve got nothing to loose by trying the rack without the fairing. Maybe you’ll have better luck than me!! Check REI or do an online search for Yakima racks. It should be easy to find whatever replacement parts you need.


Kinda depends on…
the car/truck. Drive around without it for awhile (with and without your boat) and see (hear?) how much noise is being generated. You can always resort to the age old method of simply turning the music up…my guess is, if you try one, you’ll end up liking it.

As far as where to find spare parts, most retailers should have a supply. Yakima packages a lot of their smaller stuff so you don’t need to buy anything more than what you need. Good luck.

I wondered too
about using the fairing, so I didn’t buy it right off the bat. I loaded everything up and took a ride down the interstate and decided I didn’t need to spend the additional money for a fairing. I bought a package of 4 end caps at a Yakima retailer for just a few bucks.

I had to buy the fairing
because the wind noise was so awful. The current car is my 4th with Yak racks, but the 1st where the noise was this bad. I bought the next size wider fairing from the one recommended for my car, as the recommended one stopped several inches short of filling the gap between roof rails, and so seemed like it would be less effective than a better fit. No doubt a matter of Yakima offering “3 sizes fits all” and none ideal for a Subaru Impreza. I trimmed the too-wide acrylic blade so it fills the gap within 1/4", and the noise level is now almost nil. I turned the logo Yakima backwards, since they did not offer to pay me for advertising on my vehicle.

Fairing alternative
I’ve had good luck with the Windjammers - the airfoil shaped devices that snaparound the bar. At least I know they work for Suby OB’s.


I’ll be getting one
I have the Yak rack on my Saturn. I also have a sunroof that I can no longer use because the wind noise is so great. I really don’t think a properly secured canoe would be impacted by any extra wind.

Check E-bay also for spare parts.

Jim-are Windjammers a Yakima
product? I have never heard of them. I’m going to google right now!

If you have it on, be careful it doesn’t rub/vibrate your paint off!! It happened to my sisters Xterra. I don’t use one but my rack is on the cap of my truck, by that time I want the air to go strait. I don’t want the air deflecting INTO the yacks. Pushing them up.

Yakima Windjammers
Yep, Yakima. At least I THINK they are named Windjammers. Maybe BreakWinders.

Try the Yakima home site.