yakima foot braces in a canoe?

HKs any one put kayak style adjustable foot braces in their canoe? It would seem to make for more room in the canoe, with marginal wieght increase.The cost for braces for a yak are around thirty bucks versus 20 from Wenonah so the cost is not really out of line.

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They are not that light, and may distort
the side of the hull where you attach them. Also, the way my legs work, the Yakima foot pads may not be where my feet want to be. Personally, not needing adjustability, I would put my effort into a minicell footblock glued to the bottom of the boat.

Adjustable footbraces are often used by kneeling WW paddlers to control their foot position. Personally, I can’t tolerate kneeling footbraces either, because as tall as I am, I have to kneel with my foot tops flat on the bottom of the boat. If I kneel with my ankles flexed, up on my toes, even with ankle blocks, my knees are flexed even more tightly, and intolerably.

Right now I am working on making the sitting position in my Mad River Guide more tightly controlled, so I will probably fabricate little partial thigh hooks coming in from the gunwales, plus some sort of footbrace which helps the feet stay tightly in place without impeding exit.

The motivation in my case is that I have torn my medial meniscus in my right knee, and the knee does not like kneeling for long periods of time. So it’s either sit in the Guide or use my kayaks.

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Mowhawk canoe foot braces
hi Charlie----

We ordered footbraces for my Mohawk Odyssey from Mohawk. We installed them. They are aluminum rails. We did drill thru the hull (per their instructions)above the waterline. It works well for me in this boat. I think they are Yakima. I only have about 7hrs on them, but they seem solid and are easy to use. I’m a pretty tame paddler, so push on them as hard as you.

I just decided to call Allison at Wenonah and buy a regular footbrace. I am more familiar with their style and I have always been satisfied with Wenonahs service.