Yakima Footpegs: Unintentonal Kick Move

-- Last Updated: May-12-07 11:37 PM EST --

My Valley--and apparently other brands of sea kayaks--use Yakima footpegs. Like them, but as we know, they feature a clicker release on the bow side that, once clicked allows one to move the footpeg on a slotted rail. Well, several times I stretch, or during reentries, I simply kick out and back and hook the clicker and bam, the pegs slide toward me. The issue is always sliding inadvertently to a position too close. A major pain when already paddling as it requires a shorebreak to stop reach down and unclick and push out (I have become more adept like a monkey in a circus at using both feet to click and push out simlutaneously, but this is very hard if the footpegs have moved far too close to bend knees and do this, and it is dangerous in rough conditions regardless).

Anyone know how to lock these in place. Would like to have the flexibility to change on shore if needed for a paddler change, etc (thus replacing them with fixed foam is not desired). Why don't they lock in place.

Wondering if…
you could cut some of the release lever off thus shortening them and possibly eliminating accidental releases but still be able to hand release.

Nice! Thanks Grayhawk!

or if you can keeep from moving them for a while (maybe a year or 3) and paddle in a salty (d’uh) enviro corrosion will lock 'em up.

and the stainless screws in the soft aluminum? they’ll definitley lock up in short time. I have had to cut Yaks out of a boat before.

cutting the lever down works well, the cotter pin seems a bit much unless you NEVER want to adjust.

btw- we sell CWS pegs as an aftermarket kit. :wink:


chewing gum

Maybe you can cut a wedge shaped piece
of minicell foam with a slot in it that will slide past the release lever hinge. It should stay in place with friction and prevent the release lever from disengaging. Slide it out when you need to adjust the footbraces. Haven’t tried this - just thought it might work without too much fuss.


I have a couple of pairs of unused
Yakima footbraces, and I wonder if I will ever use them. They are strong, but they are crude from a human engineering point of view.

I’m putting WS plastic rails and footpegs in my Looksha Sport, and they seem much better engineered. Moreover, because they are plastic, they are easier to modify.