yakima garage storage system

Grossman’s Outlets have the yakima storage system at 70% off, for example, the basic unit which retails for $199 is $59. http://www.bargain-outlets.com/new_yakima.php

however, this system has not been formally reviewed on pnet and I can’t recall it mentioned in any message board discussion. Has anyone had any experience with it? Is it even worth paying 70% less?

I’m currently using this one

Bicycle lift from Harbor Freight, $7.99. Works fine, seems to be made like the others. One rope, so it may lift tilted, but you just push up on one end or the other to straighten it. Get two of them for $16 and make it a two rope system if you want. I really like the brake system on it. As you’re lifting, let go of the rope and it automatically grabs it. Don’t use the included screws, they’re junk.

No experience …
… with this Yakima product but all the Yakima rack compnents I’ve bought have been great, well-designed products. I imagine this system is the same quality but I don’t have any first-hand experience with it … sorry.

The concept is appealing to me but there’s no convenient space for me to use it. I certainly have enough stuff to hang on it!

Yakima failed at marketing it
Like snowshoes and baby strollers. Yakima abandoned the storage system and it’s officially discontinued. Neat concept. Should work great if it fits your need.