Yakima Hullraiser Racks

I am buying a new car and will probably need to get racks where two sea kayaks will rest on its side. It there anything I need to be aware off using this type of rack system, etc? Thanks.

Yakima Hull Raisers
I’ve been using these racks on my Honda Element for a couple of years now.

About the only downside I can think of is that having the kayaks sitting on their sides increases the surface area that a cross wind sees.

This could result in your vehicle getting blown around a bit more than if the boats were sitting on their keels.

Other than that, our Impex Montauk and Diamante have been happy to ride on the Hull Raisers!


We’ve had them…
for a few years now and are very pleased with them. I agree that transporting kayaks on their side does expose more surface area to the wind, but we have not had any issues. Also, if you will be transporting rotomolded kayaks, it is my understanding that transporting them on their side is better, as there is more strength on the side.

Yakima Hullraiser
Thanks for the advice, it was very useful as I will not buy a car unless it can take two boats.