Yakima Hullraiser

Does anybody have any experience with Yakima Hullraiser in general?

But especially mounting them to Thule bars? Do I need the Mighty Mounts to put the Hullraisers on Thule bars?


Have one…
Box is sitting in my car waiting to be installed. According to the packaging, the plain Hullraiser can mount to either square (thule) or tube (yakima) bars. The Hullraiser Aero on the other hand can mount to other bars such as those that come with vehicles.



Though I just read the reviews on here and am wondering if I want them. Sure, they’re $30 cheaper (each) than the Thules, but if they move around, they aren’t worth anything.

Or do people just not know how to tighten a hand screw?

Have one on Yakima bars
Like them alot. All the Yakima stuff can be easily fitted to Thule Square bars.