Yakima Load Rack Malfunction

Well I went to load my solo canoe onto the truck and noticed my round Yakima load bars were loose. Unlocked the feet, but none of the locks work. They turn ok with the key, but I cannot depress the buttons at all. I don’t know what to do at this point. Back to Thule for me. Any advice would be appreciated.

what buttons?
None of the towers of the last 20 years use buttons.

Are you talking about a roof top luggage box like a Rocket Box?

Doesn’t make any sense to me either
I have had the old rain gutter mounts, and the newer

landing pads and control towers, and none of mine have buttons.

They are rock solid and do the job just fine.

I don’t use the locks, but they don’t keep the bars from staying on or coming off.

Jack L

My Stupidity
The locks resemble buttons (like Thule) but are only locks. The tower cover removes from the sides once the lock is disengaged.

Still not sure what your problem is ?
If the bars are loose, (rotating in the towers) you just have to tighten the hex head bolt with a allen wrench.

Jack L