Yakima Mako Roof Rack Carrier???

-- Last Updated: Apr-13-08 8:50 PM EST --

I am planning on carrying my Wilderness Systems Pamlico 100 on the Mako racks. I already know that I need to buy pads from Yakima to protect the hull from being scratched up. I might even consider the Landsharks...but still deciding.

But I was wondering if these would fit my Jeep Grand Cherokee's roof rack, or am I going to have to buy some Yakima Might Mounts?

Any of y'all have experience with this roof rack system?

What about the Malone Seawings?

so I wandered out to the yak shak,and took a look at the Landshark and the Mako saddles.

As far as the mounting goes, they are the same. They are designed to fit the round Yakima bars.

As to the Malone wing, I suppose it would have the same mount as my Malone J cradle, which looks like it could mount to about any crossbar, if it’s less than 3" wide.

But I don’t have a jeep to look at.

The main difference in the Landshark and the Mako saddles is the amount of cushion they offer the boat. Also the more expensive Landshark seems to conform to the hull shape better.

With a poly hull, I think either would work fine.

And sratches? The worst of them will certainly not come from a unladen boat on plastic saddles.

At least not if you’re using your boat like I use mine… :wink:

Hope this helps,


New Mako Areo
Yakima’s new Make saddle is factory rack ready.

However, the price for pair of them is probably about half the price of your boat. I would recommend Thule Top Deck Saddles (The equivalent to Yakima Landsharks). They work on factory racks, should do a good job holding your boat, and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Thank ya!
Thanks for checking them out for me.

Not only are they 70 bucks at REI…but they will fit Jeeps!


thank you for the suggestion!

Mako saddles
never experienced any Mako marks on my FG and thermoformed kayaks. I bought mine in 2007 after a partial year of creative cartopping.

Maybe Yakima respecified the material on the inside of the saddles that directly touch the boat. I do clean the insides of the saddles and all around the rollers whenever I wash my car, and a couple of times work in a very light coat of 303.

Last May I bought all my Yakima components from different sources, new and used. I wanted new Makos and new Hulley Rollers. A pair of each cost $108 with free s&h, no sales tax.

More than $75+tax for two pairs of Land Sharks (nice items btw) but I thought the extra $ for the rollers made loading and unloading so much easier and more controlled. Being 5’3" this was a big factor in my choice.

Seems to me
that you would simply toss the 100 into the Jeep. Heck, it’s only ten feet long, should fit. Of course, you might be considering the dragging in of dirt. That would be a drawback of carrying inside.

I have two sets of Mako saddles on which I carry my WS Pungo 120 Duralite. With all of the usage patina on the bottom of the yak, I doubt if I could detect any marking from the saddles. I am very satisfied with the saddles. (had rollers in the rear but they dented the thin Duralite hull, hence, the saddles).

JEEP’s too short!
It wouldn’t fit in my Jeep…unfortunately…if it would fit I wouldn’t worry about dirt at all. I mean I do have a “Got Mud?” decal on my grill guard. lol

I was thinking of
letting the yak stick out the open back. Probably dumb idea. Go with the rack.

I just did that this afternoon!!! I was itching to go to go kayaking because of how nice it was.

Considering it was just to a nearby lake about 10 minutes away I had no problems.

Actually it worked out great because I was able to get a couple of hours of real good paddling in!

Now to drive it on the highway I might feel a little nervous.

I want to be able to take it different State Parks so I guess I’ll have to get those racks anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m glad to hear
you got out paddling. I am hoping to do my first for the season this week. Should be pushing 70deg. F. here in Pa. by Friday.

I did it!
Got out paddling today. Yak on top of my Passat works great. mud and all. Just great to start the season here in the great maddle atlantic. Of course, it would be great to be paddling on Lake Travis. Many good memories there. Have you been there?