Yakima or Malone Trailer?

Well, I’m getting to the point where it is difficult to lift my boats for car topping.

I’m considering purchasing either the Malone Trailer or the Yakima RackandRoll. I’m partial to the Yakima, but the price break on the Malone is appealing. Does anyone have any experience with the Malone brand…good or bad?



one more
Consider SportsRig micro trailers as well.

R&R has way better suspension than Malone’s, and you definitely pay for it.

That said, people will swear by those leaves and springs.

Also, if you dig around on p.net, you will find quite a few utility trailers converted to carry kayaks.

heighth is good
white 4 in pvc pipe that is 4ft high around the back of the trailer will dcrease your boat getting run into. I saw a trailer in brockville,ont made by st lawrence kayak and fiberglas that is very waterproof and rugged

Trailer suggestion
Check out Bluemountainoutfitters.net - They manufacture the highest quality canoe and kayak trailers I’ve seen, and they can customize to fit your needs. Just click on trailers on the homepage.

Mo trailers
are the best investment IMHO. I have had one for thirteen years and its truly an easy rider.

The initial outlay is beefy but you pay for what you get. I never need buy another trailer as mine will outlive me.

All of my mileage grabbing friends have Mos too. We typically trailer about 12,000 miles a year.