Yakima or Sports Rig kayak trailer

I’m looking at a couple of lightweight trailers for our two sea kayaks. I like the systems that allow for Yakima rack components for kayaks (rollers and cradles), bikes, and roof boxes to be attached. The two that seem to do this best are the Yakima Rack and Roll and the SportsRig Micro trailers. Any experience with either trailer? Any other brand that does this well?

I don’t see why you would want to use Hully Rollers with a trailer as the trailer should be sufficiently low enough to the ground. Most people with trailers tend to use the J cradles or stackers.

I already own the Yakima rollers and cradles as well as the bike and box components so, re-purposing them is desirable. The Yakima trailer video shows it’s easy for one person to load using this combo (rollers and cradle), too.

well now…
yakima- aluminum frame (low corrosion)

Sport Rig- steel frame (rust)

I’ve seen 'em both in a coastal enviro and the Yak does better. I have a yak and love it.


Yakima has a dealer network
If you have an issue at some point in the future, you should have an easy time finding someone who can service the trailer for you.

Folding wheels
I am also looking at a trailer for my two sea kayaks and I like the idea of the wheels folding under the trailer for storage. From what I can tell, the Yakima wheels fold under the trailer while the sports rig doesn’t.