Yakima or Thule for 2004 Honda CRV?

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Any thoughts on a rack for a CRV. I'll be hauling canoes primarily. The car has no factory rack. Both Thule and Yakima websites say they can fit the vehicle. I've had Yakima in the past and been satisfied. Thanks.

Usiing Yakima on Our 2003 CRV to haul
canoes and Yakima pads fit nice into factory bases. Padded them with pipe insulation and work great. Did have a kayak chap today say he was disappointed in the Yakima’s round bars though for his kayak pads/rollers as they were difficult to tighten sufficiently and he will be going to square bars next. Just FYI. R

09 CRV
with Thule Areo bars… I think those would work yours as well… they are oval and have rubber and a grove on top… I have the J racks but have been using foam pads for local trips… I put the kayak up on the racks first then slip the foam pads underneath…

2005 CRV

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I have Yakima Racks on my 2005 CRV, which is the same body style as the 2004. I have been very satisfied, very solid, well designed, easy on and off. I have no experience with Thule racks, have always used Yakima and have only hauled canoes. I understand Thule also makes a good product, I think it just comes down to the round bar square bar preference...

Put the new Yakima rack on last night. The bars have a spread of 33". The trial run this morning makes me think that that spread just isn’t enough. The bow, even though tied off well to two points, was moved around too much by gusting cross winds. Moreover, when an 18 wheeler passed it was like the hand of Satan snatched the bow and toyed with the whole thing. Not what I’m used to. I’m too old for that kind of nonsense.

I’m going to have to look into a towing hitch mounted bar or get a trailer.

Have an 05 CRV too…
That replaced my '99 Forester. The rack spread is definitely shorter than optimal, whatever that is. I’ve used Thule gear for my Saab 95 wagon and have Yakima bike rack. Both are excellent. One thing I will tell you is to stay away from the Honda Factory rack. Insufficient load rating for 2 kayaks.

My wife wanted this CRV and after six months, I find myself still using my pickup truck or the old Saab wagon to haul boats. Gas mileage in the CRV isn’t up to the Forester standards either. When my son heads off to college with the Saab, I will suck it up and buy the Thule quick release rack, and continue using my F-150…