Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Compact

I’m looking to rack yet another vehicle, this time a 2020 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab. I’ve received helpful feedback from you guys over the years and wanted your ideas on the Yakima Outdoorsman 300 for my new truck. I know it is a fairly old product but I already have Yakima round bars, Mako Saddles and Hully Rollers that I’d like to use and it seems like this is the only option. I realize that in order to use this system I’ll also need a Toyota specific fit-kit ($110) to be able to mount it to the Toyota bed rail system. Just curious if there are any other options out there that you guys might think are better. I’m hauling a 14’6" Old Town Cayuga and a 12’ Perception Casco (LL Bean). Thanks

I ended up trading the Yak rack in for a Thule.

The Yak was too wobbly for me and the boats I like. The Thule is much stabler and you can slide them down for places like parking garages.