Yakima Outdoorsman 300

I am looking at the Outdoorsman for my Ford Ranger Supercab 4dr. I already have the Q-Towers and bars for my car, so I just need the clips for the truck and a single truck bed rack. I haven’t seem any reviews of this rack on the net. Anybody hear anything?



rack for pick up truck
i have yakima outdoorsman 300 for my full size pick up truck. I chose this rack over the popular thule because yakima 300 is best designed for pickup truck IMO. Thule’s has a nice system for cars, vans and SUV but it you are looking for a system for pick up truck. go with yakima 300. It’s easy to install and take down. With Yakima you can open the tail gate and use the truck bed as normal. If you camp, you can carry gear on the rack, in the truck bed with easy access. go for it.

rack for pickup
I’ve got the outdoorsman on my truck, with 66" bars and a stacker. It can carry up to and over 6 boats, hauls everything from couches to tables on the rack, and then I still have the bed free. She works wonderfull. the only thing I did notice was some small rust spots have appeared on the rack, I keep an eye on them but nothing seems to be going wrong. The rack has lasted a couple of new england winters so far and is still going strong, highly recommend