Yakima Q clips source?

So I inherited some 72-inch bars and Q-towers, but I’m having trouble locating reasonably priced Q clips for them. Anybody got a source other than ebay? Anybody got old Durango/Cherokee clips (Q10 and Q99)?

I have Q92 and Q95, which will fit your Honda Accord of some year…

Forgive me what is a Q clip? Yakima tower?



Had to get my last set of clips off of Ebay. However you might try Anything Automotive.com or ETrailer.com.

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crap I have q 11 for a 2009 Forester I no longer have.

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Whoa! Just looked on Ebay and the q10’s ranges from $45 to $75 and the q99’s were close to $100. Next time i need to switch, I might just go with the new rack system.

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