Yakima Rack - Honda Civic

I am looking at purchasing a Civic Hybrid, and was just looking for confirmation that the Yakima rack set-up for the Civic sedan is good and secure. I’m just a little weary, since every other car I’ve owned has had a factory installed rack.

I will of course be using front and rear tie downs with the rack.



Have owned two Accords, very similar
roof and window design, and the Yakima rack systems have worked very well. I have seen Yakima systems on a number of Civics.

Yakima (and Thule) rack systems are made available FIRST for popular cars like the Accord and Civic. The rack companies would never have survived that long if they didn’t have their clip systems working to a high standard of performance and reliability.

You will want to get either a fairing, or a couple of clip on Windjammers, to keep the rack from moaning in the wind. I find the Windjammers much cheaper, probably just as aerodynamic, and just as effective in suppressing noise.

I knew that…
I knew they made good quality products. Iguess I just wanted to hear it from boat owners before spending a heap of cash.