Yakima rack on Suburban?

Would like some practical info on putting a Yakima tower on my existing factory rack so that I could use the 78" tube bars. Will be used to carry 2 canoes.

Any suggestions?

Yakima fit chart says low profile tower will attach to it.



They Fit My Expedition
I’ve got Yakima racks on my Expedition in the factory rack channels. Got the Q-Towers (or whatever they’re called) and 72" bars.

Hope that’s helpful.


We have them on our Suburban. They’re rock solid stable and really easy to adjust the spacing. I’ve carried multiple boats, one of their huge luggage boxes, bikes, etc. No problem with any load I’ve put up there.

I will note that the Yakima setup was unusually loud on ours. We had a 2003 model and replaced it with a 2005. The same racks were relatively quiet on the 03 but really noisy on the 05. I don’t know what made the difference - maybe there was some minor change in the sheet metal or factory rack that throws the wind around a bit differently. Anyway, we added one of the Yakima fairings to the front bar and that took care of almost all of the noise.

Lowriders fit onto the factory rack on my Tahoe and I have found them to be quite bombproof. It’s nice to be able to easily maximize the crossbar spread to fit the boat one is hauling.