Yakima rack ??

Do I need the lock cores or are they just to keep someone from stealing your rack while out paddling? Is it even possible to remove the rack with the doors shut? Car has internal rain gutters so clips are used to hold the rack to the inside of the door frame.

Racks are expensive, maybe I should just trade in the car for one with a rack.

I wouldn’t waste my money…
…on them.

If you live in a bad area than it might pay to have them.

On my first Yakama rack about fifteen years ago I got them, but on the last one I figured I would do without.

I do have them on my ski racks though.



Never had locks
Got my first Yakima in “85” & never locks. Where I live, if it’s not a Harley or Jet Ski, they won’t steal it. I’ve never had a kayak, racing canoe or paddle stolen, although they might go for nice aluminum or plastic canoe. I just get new towers when I change rides.

don’t have the locking cores yet but will order them shortly. Relative to the rack itself, they are a very cheap option to safeguard your investment.


I got them
I have locks on the towers. Probably not really needed but it gives me peace of mind. That rack was expensive and the locks weren’t. (with the style towers I have the whole rack can be removed in about 2 minutes)

I adhere to the X-Files theory
"Trust no one."


I got em for mine
I got 60" tracks with landing pads. They towers can come off with a tinly little flick an you’d make it off with four towers two crossbars and my saddles in one go. Not a good way to waste a 500$ investment.

Get 'em
I have not (knock on wood) had a rack or boat stolen. I’ve had some racks w/o locks, but finally opted for locks. I currently have 2 vehicles with Yakima racks on them, and both have locks. The rack on my wife’s Element just snaps off, so it would be easy to grab w/o the locks. Years back, I had a rack on an Isuzu Trooper, had 2 spare Yakima locks when I bought the rack. I just put one lock on the front tower, and one on one of the back towers, which effectively locked the rack on.


Dosen’t do any good
to cable lock your yak to your rack if the rack comes off easily. Then the thief gets your yak AND rack. A couple of thieves with a pickup could do this quickly. Locks are a deterant. Twenty bucks to keep a $2700 kayak safe is a good investment.

core locks
Get them. It’s foolish to spend big bucks on a boat & rack system & not spend a few more $ for core locks. Don’t forget, it’s not just when you paddle that the rack is vulnerable to thieves, but anywhere you go & park your vehicle. I had to order new towers for my 05 Explorer when I found out the Low Rider towers for the 02 Explorer (that I traded in) wouldn’t fit. Ford redesigned the luggage rack on the 05, so off to Dick’s I went & ordered the new tower’s since they weren’t in stock. The 1st thing I asked the salesman is if the core locks on the old towers would fit the new ones. He said they would as the core locks on Yakima are interchangeable with the different tower’s. Got the call 2 weeks later & went to pick them up. I opened the box to look them over & did not see where the core locks would go. That’s because Yakima decided to eliminate that feature. I couldn’t believe it & neither could the salesman. He immediately called the Yakima rep & asked what gives on these new towers that can’t be locked. The rep just gave some lame answer that Yakima decided they weren’t necessary. Funny how every other tower Yakima offers can lock, but now they felt that feature isn’t necessary. Needless to say, I didn’t take the towers (the salesman wholeheartedlt agreed with me) & I went home & sent Yakima an email to let them know what I thought. Wonder how long before they come out with the “new & improved model” that locks?? F–k Yakima.

Forester Towers don’t lock either
Bought a set when my wife decided we needed to take her more reliable car on our 1000 plus mile vacation. I wasn’t going without a rack, kayak and bike, so I forked over the money for new towers for her car. They do take more than two minutes to get on and off. But it still annoys me that they couldn’t come up with a locking design. I’ve never had a rack, bike, or yak stolen, but I don’t have as lot of extra spending money sitting around to buy new stuff if the old gets ripped off.

If you had to ask…
Then it is probably in the back of your mind that someone might take your setup. They cost practically nothing anyway, so get them. Cheap piece of mind.