yakima rack

I’m going to buy a complete yakima rack system and its roughly the same price w/ free shipping no matter where I buy. Anyone know of perks or incentives from any particular store or dealer? I figure if I’m going to spend over $500 I

d try to look for a “Spend over 500 with us and get a free…Blah blah…”

Jim, Palm Coast, Fl.

is currently 20% off.

If you happen to have one near you. You get dividends on your purchases. Plus you support a cool company, and get 20% off one item per year.

If you’re buying that rack system for a
sedan and are going to use Q-towers, consider using some kind of strut to connect the front bar with the rear.

There have been occasional complaints of Q-tower pads moving. If the front and rear bars are connected solidly, the towers won’t move. Yakima’s bicycle troughs are one way to connect the crossbars. I use some old kayak stackers turned down next to one another and locked together with hose clamps. If you’re tall like me and Eric, you could remove and replace linked crossbars as a unitary assembly.

I’m not sure why Yakima (and Thule) don’t routinely provide a means of connecting the front and rear crossbars. Of course, the boats do it, in a way, but not as effectively.

Q-towers do require…
a bit of tightening now and again.

It’s very easy, just open the latch handle and find the silver piece with the slotted end. Give it a twist or two, clockwise.

It’ll grip like King Kong’s cousin.


And to this good list, I’d add Rutabaga and their RackHaus operation: www.rutabaga.com One of the biggest Yak dealers in the country both at their store and on-line. Very friendly, know what they are talking about and fast shipping.