Yakima Racks on Utility Trailers

With the pending purchases of three kayaks I’m looking at a few different options for hauling these bad boys around. We have a Nissan Xterra so roof racks are definitely an option. But I think I would like to go with some sort of utility trailer set up for a couple of reasons. First would be storage, I could just back the trailer in the garage close the door and look it. No need to worry about hanging them up. Second I could always use a utility trailer for other things. I’m thinking there is probably a way to temporarily mount some sort of cross bars across the trailer that would be secure enough to not have any worries while transporting. Go ahead and throw out your ideas or recommendations. Thanks in advance!

That would work
Yakima sells brackets that replace rain gutters and allow their towers to be mounted on (for example) fiberglass truck caps. These can certainly be also mounted on most utility trailers. This would allow real easy installation and removal of the towers and bars. Ini fact, I’ve seen just that system on a couple trailers.


Kayak Trailer
Check out this guys blog - has pics of the trailer he put together - http://jessicamae3.blogspot.com/2008/07/day-away.html

Here ya go!
Different configurations on my utility trailer. http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/75339788oTcAIx

3/4" Black iron (or galvanised) pipe is good for Yakima saddles.

Great ideas thanks! What was the reason for going with the new trailer?

Don’t forget tongue length!
Inexpesive utility trailers mat require a tongue extension to allow longer canoes and kayaks to clear teh vehicle during turning.


It was
free, lighter. Thought it would be less drag since it’s lighter.

Especially if you have long kayaks. Might not with 12 footers or less.

Shouldn’t be an issue
I don’t think it will be much of an issue, I’m planing on a 10’ trailer and the longest yak will be 14’, for now anyways.

Should be fine
I haul a 14.5 footer on an 8 foot trailer and don’t have excessive overhang or weight distribution problems.


Be carefull of the boats overhanging the rear of the trailer too much. The problem is other cars approaching from the rear. They see the tail lights on the trailer but not the boats sticking out and could run into them at stop signs and traffic lights. Especially a problem at night. At least hang a flag from the end of the boat. The same applies to carrying long lumber, long lengths of pipe etc. Better yet build a longer trailer. Just my 2 cents worth.

Jim C.