Yakima Rail Grab Cross Bar

Is there anyone here who has experience with this base rack system. I have a new Toyota Rav4 with factory racks.

They work well and fit most roof racks - certainly a RAV 4. Do you have a specific question?


Works great for me
on a 2013 RAV4 with factory rack. Has been solid for many highway miles.

Good for me
I put them on my Subaru Forester when I bought it in 1999. Moved it to the 2010 Forester that replaced the 99 Forester.

I use two NRS straps and bow and stern tie downs along with gunwale brackets. Never had any problems. That includes 60mph winds crossing Nebraska, and riding out a storm at a rural intersection that spawned a tornado about a quarter of a mile behind me which destroyed grain bins, ripped metal roofs off, downed power lines, and twisted and broke trees off. The canoe stayed solid on top of the car, but the cross bars did move about four inches to the left.

Sounds like the way to go.
No specific questions - just wondering if people have had good experiences with them. I have a 30 year accumulation of Yakima rack accessories so looks like this is what I will do on this new Rav4.

I use them
on my 2011 4Runner & they work great.

I have them
On my 2010 Hyundai Sante Fe. Love them.

Do you get any wind noise?
Do you just leave them on all year? Wind noise?

I take them off
each time after I use them. My Runner won’t fit under my garage door with them on. It only takes a couple minutes.

Yes there is a noticeable wind noise, but not awful.

Wind noise
You do get wind noise. Mine are still on but I may take them off next week.

What do you have to do to take them off?
Does it involve an allen wrench?

the allen wrench is provided by Yakima.

Wind noise?
Well yeah, some, but no big problem. I just turn my music by The Band up to 11.

I ask only because

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on some vehicles I have owned it was necessary to have a large subwoofer and gangsta rap turned up to 25 to overcome the yakima roar which is not my preferred genre. :-).

The Band on 11 will be just fine.

Not sure about that…
I have a set I’ve used on a Subaru Outback, a Isuzu Rodeo, Toyota 4Runner… Not sure but they might be an older version called a railrider? Anyway, no wrench is needed to take them off the car, you unlock them (if you use lock cores), and screw out the bolt with the “toggle” on the end of it, by hand. Only need an allen wrench if you want to remove or move the crossbar relative to the mount.