Yakima railgrab

-- Last Updated: Jun-30-09 5:22 PM EST --

I need to pick up new towers and bars for the Rav4. According to Yakima (car fit), the railgrab is the recommended tower for the factory rails.

Stopped at Campmor today and looked at the Yakima display which has every permutation. And I looked closely at the railgrab. I noticed that the outside edge just overhangs and has no grip. The inboard clip is what grabs the bar. What disturbs me is that the clip is the only "hard" attachment point and it's not very big and doesn't look very beefy.

The low rider towers seem to have a better attachment. Just don't know if they'll git on the Rav4 factory rail.

Anybody use the railgrab or low rider towers, and what are your thoughts.


Old Thule

– Last Updated: Jun-30-09 5:15 PM EST –

looks like a Low Rider system and is cheaper then rail grab crossbar. I have had great success with my Thule system,only bad part,old design you can't change bar length. Haven't seen rail grab system to know why they cost more and look less beefy.