Yakima roof rack

Hi all! So I got a wilderness systems piccolo…and two Yakima cross bars for a steal. Was looking up the Q towers/clips etc. that go with the cross bars and they are very expensive…I was hoping for something cheaper. Any suggestions? I have a 2005 ford focus hatchback and plan on carrying two kayaks. Also which is the best way to put the cross bars on the car? Ive seen cars having them both ways.

might have a used set.

Is a good place to look. Which way should the cross bars be installed? Length or width wise? I’ve seen different cars have both ways. I would assume it would be best to install them so they go left to right not up and down?

I’ve owned four sets of Yakimas, and
I would not know a way to mount the bars fore-and-aft, even if the lives of my grandchildren depended on it. Not sure what you might have seen. Yakima usually specifies only one way of mounting.

All Yakima and Thule stuff is overpriced. I think they need the money to pay their lawyers.

Go to Yakima.com

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and select "fit my car" option. You will see what parts Yakima recommends for your car.
The "fore to aft" bars you have seen may be the "strech kit" that allow you to move the rear bar back further than you would otherwise be able to.
If you have a two door, I'll bet they recommend it.

There are lots of options if you play with their website long enough. See "landing pads", I think, they just bolt to your roof, and the tower attaches to them.
Yes, e-bay is how I found my parts. I got a list of what I needed, and slowly assembled my rack.

Just make sure you play with the Qtowers until you understand how they work. Keeping them properly adjusted over time is important for a tight fit.

I take mine off when not in use, just mark the inside of the door sill so you can put them back on quickly and correctly.

Edit: I'm pretty sure that car can be fitted with a trailer hitch, and that could open up a couple more options...

Have fun with it,

Craigs List
Pick the one nearest you and best of luck


People switch cars, get married, divorced, split up daily

Always an opportunity for used gear.

Mounting Orientation
When you have seen bars mounted on a car lengthwise, you will find if you look closely that those lengthwise bars are actually supported by bars that go from side to side, whether those side-to-side bars are the factory roof rack or an add-on. Also, you’ll probably find that those lengthwise bars are really bike carriers.

Boat racks will always consist of two main cross bars attached to opposite sides of the car. I put lengthwise bars on my rack in addition to the main cross bars (one lengthwise bar on each side of the car), but they function either as a loading aid, or as a means of attaching an auxiliary set of cross bars. There are some very specialized rack you can buy which use lengthwise bars to support an extra set of main cross bars with a very great space between them (such as having the cross bars farther apart than the length of the vehicle’s roof), but those are for carrying long, light, fragile racing boats.

Don’t buy anything Yakima any more
They have been sold lock stock and barrel to a Tawain holding Co.

Jack L

Don’t buy Yakima?
Is Thule ok?

So do I have to throw my 30 years of accumulated Yakima racks and attachments in the landfill and start all over?

I’m keeping all my old Yakama stuff
to me it always was the best, but you can very easily retrofit other roof rack stuff to fit on it.

You have a choice : send the money to whoever you want it to go to.

I’ll try to keep it in the good old US of A.

Jack L

Hi…just noticed your thread…I have a brand new set (4) of Q-towers …NO clips…4 sale. i ordered them thru a local dealer and after waiting a month for them …I lost patience with local dealer and went out of town and bought another set off the shelf@ a dealer, then the ordered towers came in 2 weeks later. I am selling them @ cost …$135, if you are interested.

Taiwan is defending us from the Red
Hordes! Besides, with no good alternatives, I’ll buy what works.

Second the Craigslist suggestion
I’ve bought several Yakima components in perfect shape at bargain prices. You may have to shop awhile for what you want to pop up.

Q towers
I ended up getting a steal on Ebay for Q towers WITH the SRS locks/key…$95 :slight_smile: I also got some Q102 clips for a steal as well. Just looking at Kayak Stackers now…from what I hear, its a lot easier to strap down 2 kayaks to a roof with the stackers. I would prefer the J cradles, but for two boats, that would be somewhat expensive. I think the stackers are the way to go. Anyone have kayak stackers that would fit a yakima roof rack??!