Yakima System

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Hey I need help with picking the best saddle system to complete my yakima rack. I have a Prijon 17' glass boat, any suggestions on the best way to travel? The only other transport rack I have is the sprocketrocket. I am really looking at the bowdown or the Mako saddles, I have heard horror stories about the Hullyrollers. Any help and suggestions will be much appreciated

Yakima’s good
Most of the Yakima stuff is pretty good. I have no experience with the Hully Rollers but have heard the same reports as you about them.

The Makos are nice too, but be sure to use Yakima’s felt pads, which are either sold separately or may be included now; several owners report the cradles scuffing up the finish on their glass boats. Same is true of their Land Shark saddles, but no pads are available; I made my own.

I don’t know which boat you have, but many Prijons use their characteristic multi-chined hull, which may be incompatible with the rounded Mako saddles, so check before you buy. They wouldn’t work with my multi-chined Necky, so I bought the Land Sharks instead and have been happy.

Good Luck!



saddles & rollers
I have a set of BowDowns on one side of my vehicle, and a set of mako saddles + hullyrollers on the other. I’ve been very happy with both. I agree, make sure you get the felt pads for the mako saddles.

Ditto on Makos
I have Makos on one vehicle and Mako/Hully Roller combo on our full size van, only out of necessity. Much prefer the Makos. Yes, get the pads or make your own from indoor/outdoor carpet if you want to save a few bucks.