Yakima vs. Werner Foot Pegs and Rails???

They’re the same right???


I hope not. I’ve bought and used a few
sets of Yakimas, and while they’re pretty sturdy, they sure could use some design improvement.

I love em…
simple effective engineering. Just keep sand clear of em. an occassional rinse and some lube…

As examples, I don’t understand why
the foot pedals are still straight up-and-down, and anyone replacing a more modern set of foot pedals with Yakimas may find that, for the same screw placement, you lose pedal range. For us tall people, that means redrilling. For my Necky, I took the Yakimas back out and installed some recently designed plastic wonders that give the same leg extension that the squidgy Necky rails and pedals provided. All that, just so I could pitch the rudder in the trash.

Another option, same holes
Might want to try the Smart Track Foot Pegs, sans toe pedal adjustment. Heavy duty built alum. track housing, comfortably designed pedal and control rod adjustment that is reachable from the cockpit. Fits on the standard 14.5" (where’d that measurement originate from?) holes. Cost = $50.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY