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Anyone have any experience with yakpads,
I have a Dagger Magellan that I am looking to replace the seat pad.


Love mine
Your ass may feel differently

Ours are great
We have the seat pad only. My wife always uses hers as a seat pad in her CD Sqamish. I use mine as a back pad in my CD Solstice. If I dont I get a sore back after two or three hours. I don’t need the Yakpad in my QCC 400X. Worth it for both of us

I got one to put in the bottom of my son’s Blast; he is thankful for it. I’ve sat on it and thought it was great. Well worth the money. Is it better than a couple of stadium seat pads that sell for around $2 each? I dunno… Certainly a cleaner way to keep your backside happier though.

Yak Pad
I use a YakPad in a Guillemot 17. The boat didn’t come with a “factory” seat and the YakPad with shaped foam below it was the final solution to a month of trying to find an seat arrangement that I can use for 4-6 hour paddles.


We will probably go with that, thanks for the answers!

Mixed Results
I have had a set of Yakpads for about 5 paddling trips now. I have replaced my gloves with them for the summer. I compared them on one trip by switching back and forth between the gloves and the YakGrips.

Oh nevermind, I have the YakGrips not YakPads. Not sure what Yakpads are. I will go to the back of the line.

Anyway, my point was is that the YakGrips slide on my paddle when wet. On Saturday I tried some surfers wax (soft) and it seemed to do the trick (lock down the grips) for the trip out but after lunch (and getting hot in the sun I suppose, they were slipping again.

Yakity Yak
I have a Yak pad, but I never use it in my QCC 500. It seems to make my but numb more than the foam that came with the boat. I seem to go more to using nothing but the FG pan, although I’m thinking of making my own foam seat.

I know someone who bought the Yak grips for his paddle and quickly realized he’d wasted $15. In the end though, it ends up as personal preference!

Mark Sanders


i have one i use in my vehicle for my back. worth money there…Be aware that any pad will raise you up a bit and may make your boat feel a bit more tippy.

Not always more tippy
I cut a recess in the stock foam seat in my BBK Recluse and glued the yakpad into it. Very comfy, and the same height as stock (Well, maybe lower once the pad molded to my butt).

in response to the Yakgrips slipping- mine did too and it drove me crazy- so on my last trip I used red duck tape and put them in the right position and taped them on each end - it worked really well- i tend not to keep my hands in the correct position without them also don’t get blisters so I don’t wear gloves unless it’s cold.

Love them
we bought some years ago when they had different color choices and use them on the kayaks with hard plastic seats which are awful without them!- they work great - we have the low back ones.