Yankton-New Orleans

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We retired in Jan. & for a few years have been thinking what do I do? Well been thinking of going from Yankton to New Orleans around 2,200 miles. I have a Madriver explorer 16' I have had for at least 20 years. For a trip that long I am thinking of going with forward facing rowing http://www.frontrower.com/ I will be leaving around the third week of Aug. as the birds will be off the river & I can set my foot on a sandbar if I want. One thing I want is to be in Helena, AR for the king biscuit blues festival I think I should make it, you got to have a little fun. There are a lot of towns so I plan to stop & get food along the way. Any help? The longest trip I have been is a week on the San Juan in UT.


Sounds fun
Sounds fun. I can’t think of much advice to give you this morning, but be careful.

sent you email
sent you a LONG email…

ask away


front row
didnt look at the link until after i sent the long email to you…

looks interesting but not sure i’d use it but its not my trip.

Had a lot of crazy days & nights
on the river in Yankton. Always dreamed of canoeing to the gulf. That’s awesome that you have an opportunity to make it happen.