Yard storage

Hey there everyone, looking for some advice and suggestion on storing a 16’6" poly Greenland boat, 20" beam. I’m planning on eventfully building a wood or pivc rack for a couple boats. Just picked this one up and have it on two foam blocks . It is in the shade from about 11am until sundown. As always thanks for your time, ideas and info.

Put a tarp over it

Tarp plus camp stools
I bought 4 small canvas camping stools (metal folding legs).

I place each of our 2 kayaks upside down on 2 of the stools with the stools placed just forward and aft of the cockpit.

I do spray ant/spider insecticide into all compartments before putting cockpit covers on. I cover all with a tarp. This gets the boats a foot or so higher off the ground than foam blocks.


X’s 2 on the tarp
Make it silver for best sun reflection

Jack L


is there a need for anchoring ?

I buy silver tarps om ebay. They have some weird sizes you will not find in stores. 18x8 and others. I fold it in half and cover the boat. You can then use different sides of tarp to expose to the sun. I tied it with some bungee cords I made up.

Thanks Data, lots of great ideas, presently I do anchor some tarps on a 3’ high 2x4 A frame that tapers to about a foot, I anchor the ends with 2" pvc with zip strips. This then can be used to flip the tarps up easy when taking or returning them, also 2 bundles of pool noodles under each boat. Problem is I built this to size, for two 12’rec boats and wont have time to rebuild for a bit. Its only purpose is UV protection.

take a look at


for UV, protection from solar noon during summer with a Dutch roof 9 panel shape would be eternal.

idea of supporting your hull with tea tables below a flap flap plastic tarp makes me gag.

hideous !

Tea tables?

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Oh! No tea tables here, I'm talking dollar store pool noodles cut in half and zip stripped to scrap lumber, and yes hideous is my middle name when it comes to practical, functional and above all cheap, but those are very pretty little tiles that you like.

Fun structure…there is one of coat hanger in here somewhere.

exacting placement for UV at lowest cost


add 2 long crossmembers to the A for extra hulls

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“I do spray ant/spider insecticide into all compartments before putting cockpit covers on. I cover all with a tarp.”

Hadn’t thought about bugs. But, i’m one inspection + tags away from the new trailer going live, and i plan on storing the boat on it and ordering a cover instead of a tarp. And I thought longer-term that it would take no skills at all to fabricate a long, low, narrow barn/shed to roll the whole assemblage into. Alas, we have created a bird-friendly yard, and I imaging being able to embark on guano mining off the top of the boat after rolling it out from under the roofed structure. Yuk!