Yea, bought a Loon 138 today.

Found one for sale on, called, and picked it up today. Only three years old, great shape, and for $300 couldn’t go wrong. Now to rig it for fishing. He’s got another one for $400, a younger boat so anyone near Houston should look in the web site if that’s what you want.

First yak?
Is that your first yak? I thought you were an old pro.

Either way… CONGRATS!!!

Sounds like a great deal.

Not my first, bought a 9.6 Necky Sky
last spring. Used it an average of 3 times a week up until November, then slowed down for winter. Owned a 17 ft Mohawk since the early '80’s. Don’t consider myself a pro, but am a fast learner…only takes a few times going turtle in alligator country to learn a few things. Wanted a longer kayak both for speed and capacity…want to do some camping trips in it. The Necky did the job, but was a bit confining. Great first kayak, though.

I also bought a Loon 138
more on impulse than anything else. It is my first kayak (prior to the Loon I have 4 canoes) and I have done one overnight in it. I have to admit that there is plenty of room for tripping in this boat and it is very stable. Not the fastest boat around by any means but does a nice job for tripping.

solid boat
I have a loon 120 that I use for camping/fishing trips and for lake fishing. It has a smaller cockpit which i like for lake fishing but not so much for river fishing where i get out and in repeatedly. The 138 has a nice size cockpit that would be great for fishing in general and plenty of room for gear. OT kayaks are pretty much indestructible. You should get lots of good use out of it.

Have a great time with it.

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Sadly, it’ll be at least Wednesday
before I take it out for a spin. The guy I bought it from has been kayak fishing in the bay for several years. He had a OK Drifter once, but didn’t like the SOT in the wind or a wet butt. Now uses a Necky Gannet, a tandem.

Congrats man !!!
sweet kayak !!! :slight_smile:

Thats my wife’s boat but I paddle it more than she does. I love my 138. GREAT choice. I haven’t fished in years but I’m starting to buy some stuff now so I can start fishing out of it this season. Have a great season and catch a big one.