Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Finally got a Canoe!

I don’t know if any of you out ther remember any of my numerous posts about choosing the right canoe, but we finally bought one! We were looking for a royal x but we so did not want to pay the money. We found a very used one at a rental shop. It is pretty beat up but there are no holes and it floats! AND… it was only $150. It is a Dagger, Legend 16’ royal x. They even through in a brand new seat to replace the broken one! Awesome! Thank you for all of your help and support. My next posts will be about our good times paddling!

Based on your previous posts about what you wanted to do, I think you did very well with your boat choice, and the price too!


Good for you!
Congrats on your “new” river boat - sounds like it was used as it was intended & there’s still plenty of life left in it for a great price. And you don’t have to worry about getting it scratched!

I always tell people frustrated with craigslist & ebay to check out the rentals for sale - you’re proof it works!

Have fun!


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Congratulations on your new boat. That's an excellent boat at a great price, even if it has seen a lot of miles.

a canoe is a wonderful thing.

Well Allright
Next, you’re going to have to post some trip reports and pics. I had a Dagger canoe and they’re very well made. Congrats on the new boat! WW

congrats. , sounds like a really nice …

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...... deal !!

You knew you didn't want to spend alot to get into this canoe paddling to start with , and you stuck to your guns ... smart !!

Glad you two are on your way now , enjoy the up coming expected trip , you're gonna love this stuff , and be happy you started with a "proven" used canoe ... it looks the way it does now , because it was used alot and that says something good about it .

Also glad you decided on a 16' instead of the 14' for tandem use !!

good to see someone who’s going to get their moneys worth out of a canoe, as well as a canoe that will be appreciated again.

you did good!
Welcome to the “Dagger family.” They made some dynamite boats and you can have great pride in owning a Dagger as well as enjoyment of paddling your boat.