Year a kayak is made?

How do you find out the year a kayak is made?

Would it be on some sort of sticker in the kayak? If it has been removed is there any way to tell?

I have been watching craigslist and a local shop for a used kayak for about a month and today I noticed someone put a Necky Manitou 13 2008 for $700. That seems really high considering a 2014/15 version new is only $1000.

How does the value of a kayak go down as time goes on versus a vehicle or something? I highly doubt a 2008 vehicle would be listed for 70% of it’s 2014 new counterpart, at least I wouldn’t figure it would.

The model year of a boat is part of the
Hull Identification Number. Look for something like a serial number near the aft stem on the outside. It will be molded into a poly boat or on a plate for a composite boat. The last two numbers are the model year of the boat…

Age isn’t as important as in vehicles, I’d worry more about wear and tear than date unless you’re talking about really old. But yes, I’d knock a couple hundred off you’re offer.

As mentioned, Hull Identification Number is the way to go to figure out year it was built. The HID numbers can be read using the description talked about at

The number is likely scribed in by hand in the plastic.

Note - the date is when built, which could be older than when sold. Not uncommon for a boat to sit at the manufacturer’s warehouse for months, and then at a dealers floor for more months or years.

I do agree that the price they are asking seems a bit high when compared to a new boat.

too high
I often buy and sell used kayaks for myself and family and friends and I agree that price is a bit too high. I got a slightly older 17’ Necky Looksha recently in excellent condition that came with $300 worth of accessories (Werner paddle, nice PFD, pump, brand new spray skirt) all for $650. I would offer $500 for a Manitou of that vintage in good shape, and perhaps settle for $550 if it was really a boat I desired.


Gotcha, thank you for the help. I noticed one of those on mine ($200 retail kayak) but it is just fastened with two metal pins so if popped off I don’t think it is anywhere else. I wasn’t sure if other boats were like that.

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