Yellostone canoeist search

Has anyone read or heard, whether to missing canoeist has been rescued? Just hoping to hear good news on a fellow paddler.

Lord bless all those individuals involved in the search, and his loved ones.

Paddle onward All. May God bless you on your adventures.

rescued? you mean body recovered?
A big difference in “rescue” and “recovery”. A human cannot withstand being in Lewis Lake more than 10 minutes before your dead due to cold temps etc. The guy paddling Lewis Lake in a raging waves without a lifejacket is a suicide mission. Its been about two weeks now and NO body has been recovered and maybe never will due to the cold temps of the water keeping the body from floating/bloating etc.


Hope I’m not the one who finds it
Any time I know a body is underwater, I begin imagining scenarios of unexpectedly finding the body. We’ll be on Yellowstone Lake, not Lewis/Shoshone this time, so it won’t be me. But some other paddler…

I am curious as to whether that canoe camper had registered with the ranger’s office. The news articles never gave the guy’s name, so I wonder if park officials even knew he was going to backcountry camp.

Regardless whether he was going to camp or not, launching in mid-afternoon on Lewis Lake during a thunderstorm is so contrary to common knowledge of that area that I’m surprised he managed to get out there without being warned. Maybe he was on a suicide mission.

Divers found body yesterday!
Divers found the guy yesterday. He was in about 30 feet of water.