Yellow Bungee Cord???

Looking for some 3/16 inch yellow bungee…to fit an NDK kayak…

Anyone know where I can find some?



Jamestown Distributors… Bookmark their page…they have all kinds of stuff we paddlers find handy.

Here is yellow.

yellow 3/16

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copy and paste the entire address in incl the numbers.

Follow-Up Question
Where can you get yellow deck line/perimeter line/rope?

Deck Line
Checkout Rock Creek’s NiteLine. I use the black on my fishing kayaks with no issues. Yellow Reflective might work for you.

Try …
these guys:

I was in their shop a few years ago and they had spools of several colors in stock, burgundy, yellow, green, red, blue and black, I think.

just so you know
I had some yellow bungy on a boat of mine wear out much faster than comparable black bungy. Seems like the UV ate it up. Not sure why the difference. It sure looked sharp while it lasted though!

My experience as well.
I bought mine from McMaster-Carr Supply, so it was not junk. I am back to black.