Yellow Yak

I found a great deal on a yellow OT loon, the dude needs space in his garage for a model train set!

I plan to use it for fishing and birding and wildlife photography. Am I going to scare the fish away with my banana boat? Can I paint it without ruining the plastic?

really dont think so…and the stink pot and party barges will see you well

Paint won’t stick and the fish won’t

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notice. Its all a blob to them. Leave it the color it comes and enjoy. The Loon is a great kayak and very stable platform for fishing and wildlife viewing/photography.

yep. And as far as yellow yaks go. . .
Old Town has about the best shade of yellow. Not too obnoxious, compared to a lot of others I’ve seen . . .

I have a brightly colored yak that is a mango color. I have been directly over the top of 2 red drum and did not scare them. They were about 3 feet down.

I was afriad my color would not be good for fishing, but i know better now. It didn’t seem to make any difference at all.

No worries
You won’t scare fish with a yellow kayak.

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Yak Painting
Although there are a few “unless’s” involved, a plastic kayak can be painted, provided it is properly “prepped” and good quality material is used.