Yellowstone - Canoe Rentals

Can anyone recommend an outfitter near Shoshone Lake in Yellowstone?

I’m planning a 4 day/3 night trip on Shoshone lake this Summer, and am looking for nearby canoe rentals.

I’d also like to do a 2 night backpacking trip while I’m there, so I need to find some place closer than Jackson Hole, so that we don’t have to spend half a day driving back and forth.

I contacted the park’s concessionaire, but they do not rent canoes for overnight camping.

We are planning a Saturday to Saturday trip where we will be flying in. I have sent in my request for back country campsites, but have not yet booked airfare, so I suppose we could go out of somewhere other than Jackson Hole.

Any suggestions as to how I can work out these logistics?

yeah easy!!!
My friend Jason owns River Source canoe and kayak rentals south of Livingston Montana…about 30 minutes from the Mammoth (North Entrance to the park) FROM HIS RENTAL place at the tiny town of Emigrant it will take you about…2 hours to drive to the Shonshoe lake canoe trail head which is ON LEWIS LAKE BUT!!! YOU WILL need to stop at Grant Village Ranger Station BEFORE you start to get YOUR permit and boat sticker and to watch a 15-minute video on safety and bear protection etc etc.

GOOGLE 'River Source yellowstone river " to find his web site…(I can look it up too) If you need any gear i think he has some camping stuff too such as stoves and tents.

As far as backpacking in and around yellowstone. Wait till you are done and have an idea where you want to go…THEN go back to the ranger stattion and get your backcountry permits etc. I would HIGHLY recommend heading OUTSIDE the park near Cooke CIty…Unless its early season when you will be there…they get a lot of snow etc)

If MORE beautiful than the park with less people, NO PERMIT needed FEW IF ANY GRIZZ and you can camp anywhere your heart desires!!!

This rental place would be better than going to jackson which is a big c.f down there and more expensive.

web site i think this is his web site…they do white water trip (their focus) and rent old town and another brand of canoes too etc. I should know…hes a friend and we’ve mushed dogs together…let me know if you have problems contacting him ok

Lake Shoshone
Thanks for the tips! Bozeman is definitely looking like the better option over Jackson Hole.

Might be do-able to pickup the canoes when we land, and go straight to Lake Shoshone.

Then do a backpacking trip later as you suggested.

another option
In bozmen there is ALSO ; Northern Lights trading Co. and the “Barn” which rents canoes too…may check on that too just google their website etc.

However jason may be cheaper and you drive right by it.

From Bozeman airport will take you about one hour to his rental place etc…then another couple hours to shoshone lake trail head which is actually on lewis lake. Be careful on this lake and stay close to shore. Its common for sudden horrible winds to pick up and many people have drowned in the cold water due to this. From the trail head to the camps on shoeshone you might want about 3 hours of paddling to reach them just to give you a time figure etc.

let me know if i can help more, i live in the area where you will be


a couple things

I know you didn’t ask for advice, so I hope you don’t mind my jumping in. I took my family there two summers ago. Don’t miss the Geyser Basin. We got there early in the day to avoid the afternoon winds. We had the place to ourselves for the hour or so we were there. I thought it was one of the neatest things we did during our 2 weeks in GTNP and Yellowstone. We also caught three lakers trolling back to camp from the basin. Finally, be prepared for mosquitos. I thought they were awful (1st week Aug. '08), and I spend a lot of time in the BWCA.

And, since your driving by it anyway, put your canoe in Yellowstone Lake and look at the West Thumb Geyser Basin from the water. The water is crystal clear, and there’s lots of cool stuff to see.

Van/Car rental

I just got confirmation for my campsites on Lake Shoshone.

Just sent an email to your friend Jason in Emigrant, MT seeing if he can accomodate our group needs.

Next thing I need to look for is a van rental in Bozeman. I’ve got a group of 6 and would prefer to have us all in 1 vehicle, and tow the canoes/kayaks in a trailer, but may need to rent 2 cars, and cartop two canoes on one of them.

Giving that you live there, you probably don’t rent vehicles very often, but if you know of anyone, that would be great!

Good Idea!
I had already planned to spend extra time at Geyser Basin - your post confirms that’s a good idea.

Didn’t even think about throwing a canoe in Yellowstone Lake.

If we pick them up a day earlier, and spend the night at Grant Village, we can do that.

Good Idea!

keep on jason
if you dont get a response soon let me know i’ll get you his phone number

tell him Norm sent you.