Yellowstone Lake Canoe trip

Hi, we’re planning a canoe trip/backpacking trip in Yellowstone this fall. Experienced backpackers, but less so with canoes. Planning to cover 10 miles/day and 2 days to get from sedge bay to 6A3 at bottom of the lake, where we’ll beach the boats and start backpacking. Looking for tips & trip reports. Already aware of cold water, look out for sw winds in afternoons, and stay close to shore, etc. Thanks, Goat

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me too.

there's a Falcon guide book from B&N. And one for Montana and one for the Tetons down the road.

I have an impression that paddling visitors tend toward
not hardend paddlers. Shoulder seasons are unoccupied with the middle jammed.

Reports write of dangerous conditions from Wind Devils.

A river runs thru the area

Super place spend a coupla months...go to Yellowstone.

There are many trip reports and herein in Places to Paddle.

any particular reason why starting at

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Sedge Bay other than distance? The reason I am asking is that the winds, to my understanding, are seasonally from the southwest. Coming down the east shore of the lake will risk being clobbered if unfavorable weather at your launch or during paddling part of trip. My experience is limited to only one trip on the lake but I started at Grant Village, heading to the South Arm, using the shore as a "backup" wind break. That plan worked well. but weather is variable. I do see that quite a few more miles are added on if coming from Grant. Just thought I would mention. Have a successful and safe trip!

Backpack down into Mountain Creek and follow up it to the pass then climb Eagle Peak, which is the highest peak in Yellowstone NP. That areas is really nice. You could also head south to Two Ocean Pass and the Parting of the Waters–where the rivers divide…one going to the Pacific and the Other the Atlantic. That should keep you busy enough for your back pack trip down there. If you got time to do the whole south shore of the lake the better! You can easily hitch a ride to get the car left at Sedge. Just carry your paddle and sign and you should probably not have to wait more than 20 minutes for a ride. The whole south shore should be paddled. Take a hike into Delusion Lake too…its great down there. NEED more info? Personal message me.


Two Ocean Pass
Just be careful during late summer/fall. There’s an outfitter camp there and griz are thick waiting for a free meal. Outfitters are all around that area south of the park, as it’s the thoroughfare to winter graze/feed grounds. I’d stay in the park. Shoshone lake is a nice paddle. Several short trips would be ideal.

Yellowstone Lake paddling
Thanks for the advice, we’re very experienced backpackers - done quite a bit in Yellowstone area, including the thorofare/two ocean area. Last year we thru-hiked 240 mile segment of the PCT, done a lot in grizzly country including Yellowstone, Glacier, Wind River, etc. etc…so it’s the paddling that is new to us. Don’t need any advice about the backpacking, feel like we got that down pretty well, just the canoeing. Is about 4-5 hours (under good conditions) right from Sedge Bay to 5E6 (about 9 miles)?

2mph is a good estimate to work with
at least a starting point. two fit people likely might do a bit better if they have done a bit of paddling ahead of the trip.

paddle wear ?

comment of the frequency of dry/semi dry or neoprene wetsuits seen on these lakes ?

are paddlers people with canoes or paddlers with equipment and experience ?

Found a canoe
We found a rental canoe for a reasonable price for this trip - it’s an Oldtown Guide 147. It’ll work for this trip.

No, we don’t plan to wear dry or wetsuits. We’ll be close enough to the shore to get there before hypothermia sets in.

Now I need to figure out how to get the canoe on top of the subaru. The width might be a little too wide for the stock roof rack bars. Hmmm.


PVC pipe, probably 2", strapped to the
roof rack crossways might work, cut to be wide enough for the canoe width.

the Falcon Yellowstone Lake book.

Contents surprise…it’s a lake…so ?

Any other options
besides the Guide? If you aren’t an experienced paddler, you will be better off in a touring kayak - especially when the wind comes up. If you must go with a canoe, there are much better choices for flat water than that 14’ Guide. It’s a bit of a pig on the water. Two of you in it? Move up to a 16-footer.

It’s a 15-foot canoe…
I think. The Guide 146 is a 15-footer, to be accurate. We’re not experienced but we’ve both paddled canoes on large lakes before. I’m pretty sure we’ll be fine, and like I said we know enough to get off the water if the winds come up too much. I know the Guide 146 isn’t super hydrodynamic, but it’ll get the job done. Goat

15 feet ?
and this is what I read abt in the guidebooks, Goat.

I don’t understand
What do you mean about the guidebook? What did you read? What is your point? Just trying to figure out what you’re trying to tell me. I have the guidebook, didn’t learn much (I already know lots about yellowstone backcountry)

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You see messages from him, don't waste your time trying to decipher! Best not to feed the trolls.



Missed the

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paddling around Yellowstone..with these library available books on board. The Interlibrary Loan system will send all Yellowstone books to your library on your request thru the local library information desk.

I'm involved with field research of animal behavior's relation to seismic propation. The van carry's too much equipment for leaving on the ramp lot.

Maybe next year.

If you have NP experience. you may see a large number of visitors do not. The guidebook's describe their water experiences mainly of,as usual, lacking tidal flows: wind weather.

Read the guidebooks. B&Noble has list n there is a Whole Library Catalogue tho that may not be the accurate name. WLC would list information from the Ford Edison Burroughs trips

There are B&N guidebooks for everywhere every activity. Buying n reading, tracking thru the route is like buying gasoline n A/T tires

The boat length ? The information I read strongly recommended a serious approach with a serious hull that is not a Tupperware playboat. I thought this was obvious.