Yellowstone Lake Friday the 13th

Went for a little paddle on Yellowstone Lake yesterday. Did about 14 miles. Paddled from Sedge Bay past Steam Boat point to the head of the Yellowstone River. They require a permit/AIS inspection. We got our $20 per boat 7 day permits and stickers at Bridge Bay marina the day before. If you go early is better. It seems the wind comes up around noon every day. On our paddle it was minor. We’ve been out there before when the wind gave us white caps, but within our range.

The steam vents at Steam Boat point where interesting one gurgled, one hissed, and one made jet noises. There were other steam vents along the shore but Steam Boat was the biggest.

pic 1.2 a

The haze…likley smoke from the fires out west makes the mountains look like paddling in the Smoky Mountains.

pic 2.1a

PS…the water away from the shore is cold. Dress appropriately.


I have a 1951 Old Town Guide 18. When I bought the boat back in the 1990s I inspected it carefully. On the underside of the forward deck was a sticker. “Yellowstone Lake Paddling Permit 1968.”

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Back then I couldn’t say, but they issued permits back in 2015 when we paddled here.

Canoed there in the late 90’s and can confirm the same. I’ve always wanted to do that trip again someday.