Yellowstone Solo vs Wenonah Argosy

Opinions, thoughts, likes, dislikes on the above 2 canoes in Royalex? Looking to use for trips up to 10 days, 250 lbs inclusive load, mix of flatwater, rivers, creeks and possibly running straight forward rapids up to C2. Also any thoughts on solo yolks for the 2 canoes.

I’ve never paddled an Argosy myself but recently when on a 2 day trip where one of the group members had one. Seemed to be a good, solid boat…appeared to handle and glide well. A bit on the small side for an extended trip, in my opinion, but allowances can be made with creative packing.

I have paddled a Yellowstone
and an Argosy at one of those demo days where basically everything is benign.

I have paddled the Yellowstone for real too and it has a fuller bow. I am pretty used to tender initial stability. Its really hard to rail it down to sink it. Your error will be yours not its.

try this link to find what others found out.

What’s your stature?

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IMO, if you are tall/broad, there are better boats out there for what you want to do. If you are more below average to average in stature, I'd go with the the Yellowstone. As kayamedic said, it's a little fuller than the Argosy for your class II stuff. That said, you're still likely to have your hands full with 10 days gear with a YS in solid class II.

I own a Yellowstone and love it. It can do everything you are looking for, but in class II it tends to be a wet ride – even without a load. For short runs, its not a problem. If long class II runs are a big part of what you are planning, I agree that there are better boats.

Paddled a friend’s Argosy this spring on the Willimantic (quickwater). Very comparable boat. Has an adjustable center seat which is nice if you are going to be switching between kneeling and sitting.

I’ve owned a Wildfire in Royalex (Yellowstone Solo) for several years and have paddled it countless times. At 6’2” & 200 lbs +/- I can (barely) get by with it when running empty, but it’s simply too small for me when carrying gear for extended trips. My wife also owns one and at 5’3” & 150 lbs it fits her very well. When I’ve discussed the load capacity of this hull before some people have disagreed with my opinion – that’s the thing about opinions…

I’ve only test paddled an Argosy once and that was on a flat pond. I think you’ll find those two canoes very similar in performance with a nod to the Argosy for slightly larger weight capacity and probably slightly better efficiency on the flats. If you’re in the 200 lbs range or above keep looking, you’ll need a larger canoe, both the YS and the Argosy are best suited for small to average size paddlers. Don’t confuse the Argosy with its dull/sleepy sister the Vagabond, the Arg is a lot more lively and fun to play in – it’s every bit as enjoyable as a YS (that point surprised me).

Neither of these two canoes are great in serious WW, low Class II is about tops for the YS. I imagine the Argosy would ship a bit more water in the same conditions due to its finer entry and slimmer quarters. Both of these canoes feature differential rocker, if you don’t like that feature then look at other models.

here’s a pic

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Bagged Yellowstone, no gear, 165 pound paddler, leaning back to lighten the bow. Boat swamped and foundered. This was the easiest of two places to come through. Paddler did NOT want to swim.