Yet Another Kayak Choice Question

My background has been many years of paddling SOT’s in mostly calm, warm, salty waters. I plan on expanding my horizons to paddle Florida rivers with an occasional overnight… Looking at 3 kayaks-Delta 12s, Eddyline Rio, and Hurricane Sojourn 126. Main reasons for those 3 are length, weight of kayak, storage and 2 bulkheads. I am 5’2 and under 130 lbs, and strong. Need shorter length for transport. I can’t try the Delta as no one around has them. REI IS 6 hour drive when and if the Delta is in stock.

Any input would be appreciated!!

Paddled neither the Sojourn nor Rio,
but do own two Eddylines (Skylark and Samba). A nearby outfitter carries the Rio and a local sporting goods store carries the Sojourn 126, so I’ve seen them both up close and personal.

Hurricane weighs 8 pounds more than the Rio and has a bigger cockpit. It’s capacity is 250# compared to the Rio’s 270#. I pushed and prodded the Hurricane and think there’s a lot more ABS flex compared to Eddyline.

The seat back on the Hurricane appears to be fixed, except to lower or raise it. You can swap out the seat back on an Eddyline Infinity seat and replace it with a back band

Don’t own a Hurricane so I have no knowledge of their customer service. My experience with Eddyline has been stellar (nothing wrong with the boats, but dumb things I did like dropping my backband adjustment knob in the lake - they sent me two, at no charge).

While the Delta may be a nice boat, six hours is a long drive with no guarantee it would be on site.

What you really need to do is paddle both the Rio and Sojourn to see how they fit and what you like or don’t like about them. And the Delta, if the opportunity arises.

If you can’t paddle them, at least sit in them for as long as possible.

Light weight is great! Hope you find your heart’s delight and get out and play.

Thanks, Rookie! Trying out the 2 local kayaks this weekend.

Have a fun time!
I hope one of them calls out your name. If so, let us know which one you chose.

I’m the curious sort. :slight_smile:

I know this is an older thread, but which one did you pick? I am looking at the same three. I like the delta and hurricane more it open for ideas. Thanks

I ended up with two kayaks! I had to stay around 12 ft in length due to storage challenge. Wish I could have gone 14ft. Also wish I had Delta 14…ahhh, wishes.

I first purchased the Hurricane Sojourn. Nice fit for me and quick compared to OK barge (apples to oranges?). Decided to do a 100 mile Upper Suwannee trip and needed more storage as I found the Sojourn quite tippy with anything on deck. That’s where the Current Designs Vision comes in. More stable and more storage. Bit of a flat bottom, though. Now jonesing for a WS Tsunami for even more storage and rocky waters. I paddle alone a lot and don’t want to lug a Tsunami.
Hope you find what suits you!

Thank you. The current design vision is just out of my price range. I sat in a sojourn 146 but can’t remember how the foot rest were. I heard they are too far forward( I’m 5’2" 129 ) but would like to see a 146lv. I am kinda like you in not being close to a dealer. There are two outfitters about an hour away that sell hurricane but would need to go to REI for the eddyline and delta. Both would need to be ordered. Leaning towards the sojourn126, emailed the factory about foot placement on the 146 and was told given my size, to stay with the 126. However, they stated that they are discontinuing the 126 since it only fits a smaller paddler. I still wish I could paddle the delta before I pull the trigger on the 126.

I am close to several outfitters, just not Delta. If you are near Florida’s central Gulf coast, you can try mine sometime.

Thanks anyway, I live in SC. I am going to see how much REI will charge to special order the delta 12s and that will be the determining factor on which one I get. Thanks again for the information

Unless they have changed their policies, REI has always been very generous about special orders and does not charge anything above the product price for them (no freight or handling charges). And they have always had a completely no-fault return policy so you are never stuck with a purchase that is not to your liking. It’s still a member-owned co-op so the policies are buyer-focused, not for a corporate bottom line. And remember, you will get a member credit next year to spend at REI amounting to 10% of the purchase price, which would be substantial.

I’ve been an REI member for 47 years!

REI charges freight for kayaks unless you pick up in store. REI’s return policy is now one year for any reason from date of purchase.

Member only17 years. :slight_smile: