Yet another pfd thread!

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1st I'd like to say thank you to all the folks who've answered my numerous questions about almost everything under the sun.
I have an old Lotus (don't know which one) that I love except for two things. One, it is a side entry, I wear glasses and hats and it is a PITA to put on and take off, secondly it doesn't have a lash tab, and there is no where to attach a knife, other than putting it in the long roomy stretchy mesh pocket at the bottom. I have been trying on new jackets for days and I can't come up with anything. I'm female, 5'5, 135, small busted. My requirements are: front entry, easy to zip, lash tab, no protruding pockets, doesn't ride up, and can be used in both my kayak and canoe. I have tried the following: Betsea; very hard to zip, Ms Fit & Misfit Tour; great comfort except for protruding pockets, which are an issue for canoe paddling, as the inside of my upper arm rubs, Astral Abba reportedly hard to zip,same for Astral LDB, Astral V-8 fit OK, but many reports that it rides up badly, Norge also.My local independent says he likes Astral's but as an instructor he says they ride up badly. Didn't like the MTI Diva...Am I doomed to keep my old one? I'm sure someone will tell me I'm being too picky, but a good fitting, functional pfd is critical to safety and comfort. I'm down to ordering online trial and error.
I would like to hear from like sized women, and or anyone that can either confirm or deny my critique.
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I am not a woman
but if the MsFit fits you great (as you say) you could consider unstitching that pocket that rubs you the wrong way :slight_smile:

A seam picker, a few minutes and you have a PFD that works for you.

I have a women’s PFD
It’s Stolquist and it’s called “Motion” They now make a new version that I don’t like so well called the Tow Motion because it has a safety belt in it and a hard case on front. Mine doesn’t have the hard case (it’s a soft pocket) and no belt. You may still be able to find it (I got mine in Feb of this year).

Here’s a pix of the men’s version.

Have you considered an inflatable?

in this case, Wanda won’t work

If you dont mind a bulky front
the Kokatat Orbit or Orbit tour (pockets which dont protrude) is my jacket of choice. Very short, huge arm openings but the negativesare: its a pullover and a bulky front. Still i haven’t found one I like better.


Local instructor
needs to tighten the waist belts better. Try the Astral Wonderjacket, front zip, flush pockets, big pass through pocket, lash tab, daisy chain, stays close to the body.

I use these and the mens version (Tempo 200) for all my programs and the freedom of movement is one of the first things that everyone comments on, positively. A few moments later they also mention that it does nothing for their profile, but at least they can blame the extra bulk on the pfd. :wink:

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Stohlquist women’s Cruiser?


The thing I like best about this PFD is that it is less bulky than most and you have a lot of freedom of movement. Very easy to zip up and adjust. Very simple and functional. Comfortable all day.