yet another Sawyer Cruiser question

My days of access to my now ex-wife’s old aprox 1980 Sawyer fiberglass cruiser are long gone. Other than it’s weight, would be wonderful to have something like it again. I understand that at one point they did make a kevlar version before going under. From what I can tell, a couple of companies bought the molds and may have been making a similar canoe for awhile.

Does anybody know if there is a kevlar (or equivalent) canoe of the same specs/dimensions being built today? If not, what would be the closest to it out there presently?


Swift Cruiser

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AFAIK Swift has made some quite recently for reasons I do not understand, as for me this design is obsolete compared to the Swift Cirrus.

Picture of Swift Cruiser for sale
at the Open Canoe Meeting 2016
in the Netherlands

Yes Swift has the molds, they don’t make them unless by request. I have a Kevlar Sawyer Cruiser.

Wenonqh 18’ Jensen
the 18’Jensen was its competition in the early 80’s. Today I’d say if you paddled either the 17’6" Wenonah Escape or the 18’6" Wenonah MinnesotaII you would feel at home.


Had and enjoyed both
Basically learned to canoe in the Jensen. That taught the power of positive paddling. The Jensen went off with the friend I went in with on the purchase much later. The wife & I bought a beautiful gray cruiser from Raupps with our wedding money to replace it. We still have it although it’s a bit beat up. The solos get out more these days. The cruiser always seemed easier to turn than the Jensen.