Yet more SOF questions

Well, winter is nigh, and once again, my heart begins to yern for paddle projects. A GP is first on the list, but that won’t take all winter. So, I’m looking into building another SOF (wife hasn’t killed me yet for mentioning it). My first SOF was so unconventional that I’d like to check out one done traditionally before starting my next. Are there any SOF builders in the Kalamazoo, MI area? Lee’s will be starting their pool sessions soon.

Next, I’ve been thinking about laminating sheets of blue board together and carving it to fill the bow and stern rather than using float bags. The down side that I can see is that the boat’s interior would not dry as well. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.


Drying is critical…
…especially since you paddle in fresh water. If the boat can’t dry properly, rot will start in short order. If you’re willing to slosh the interior with ethylene glycol or propylene glycol periodically, that will help to reduce it, but these are somewhat toxic chemicals (aka, antifreeze) and there’s no guarantee that it will prevent rot.

Your best bet is float bags. If you set your boat up with pulley cords to help haul them in and out, they’re not much of a hassle.

I may show up at a Lee’s pool session
Mine isn’t very traditional but it’s close. I typically go to WMCKA’s sessions but there has been talk of of a couple paddling buds going to Lee’s, so I may go.

Float bags work well enough.

You guys confirmed my suspicions about the permanent floatation idea. Lee’s has not posted their schedule for winter pool sessions yet; they said they may be moving them to a different pool. I can drop you a line when I know more if you’d like.


Lee’s pool sessions
Could you drop me a line too. I’m in Lansing and want to keep up with my boat work over the winter. I could bring my SOF if you want yet another comparison.


I’d really appreciate it.
Yes, I’ll be sure to let you know. It would be cool to meet some more p-netters.

Randy does nice work
his is probably pretty sweet.

Thanks Matt
Back at ya. Maybe you could bring that surf boat for me to get a look at too.


Float Bags…
Next time you see Shawn B posting a group buy at Qajaq/USA for heat sealable nylon, jump on it. Last time, at $3/yard, I bought 20 yards. Probably got about 10 yards left, after about 6 or 7 sets of float bags for various boats and drybags.

It’s really easy to make and certainly easier than glueing a bunch of foam for floation (I’ve done this too for some white water boats).